Woer Wayepa at CIAF, 2018

AWA JEFF performs WOER WAYEPA at CIAF 2018
Awa Jeffrey Aniba-Waia performs at CIAF 2018, in Cairns, with dancer Ali Harvey.
Woer Wayepa -The Water is Rising- was chosen for the opening night of the Cairns Indigenous Arts Festival, in July. The interactive performance premiered at the Cairns Indigenous Art Festival 2018,  and was made in collaboration with Torres Strait Director Margaret Harvey and artist Awa Jeffrey Aniba-Waia. The performance came out of a workshop in Cairns, three weeks prior to the festival. Director Margaret Harvey led the workshop with Awa Jeffrey, a Knowledge Custodian and Choreographer of his clan group of Saibai Island and myself. The performance took a futuristic look at the effect of climate change and rising sea levels in the tiny island of Saibai, Torres Strait.

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