Born 1963 in Calcutta, India
Lives and Works in the Blue Mountains,NSW, Australia; Mumbai, India

Andrew Belletty is an Indian-born Australian Audio Visual Designer, Vibrotactile Media Artist and Writer, working with digital and analog media within intercultural spaces with a particular interest in the vibrotactile materiality of sound applications within visual, performance and media arts. His work creates experiences which inform, inspire and evoke emotional experiences through intimate, tactile visual and listening experiences s flexible experiential forms through both gallery and site-specific installations. The multi-layered, experimental and site responsive works draw from ancient Indian knowledges and practices which connect bodies and heal country, reconfiguring audio-visual technologies to create a decolonised techno space. A founding member of acclaimed Australian band Yothu Yindi, Andrew also works internationally as a cinematic sound designer with hundreds of screen credits to his name. Andrew holds a PhD in Visual Anthropology, Art, Design & Media from the National Institute for Experimental Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.