Vibro-Acoustic recording in the field
Tree sounds and vibrations
The Weather Diaries (Kathy Drayton, 2020) Feature Film
Richard Leplastrier – Framing The View ( Anna Cater, 2020) Feature Film.
In Bocca al Luppo (Missi Mel Pesa, 2020) Short Film.
The Tenant (Sushrut Jain, 2019) Feature Film.
Doug the Human (Gary Hamaguchi, 2019) Short Film.
Saving Seagrass (Gary Hamaguchi, 2019). Documentary.
The Shore (Perun Bronser, 2019), Short Film.
Scout (Kodie Bedford, 2019), Short Film.
Ties that Bind (Michael Hudson, 2019), Short Film.
Fan Girl (Mario Faumuim 2018) 360 Experimental film
Ek Ladki ko Dekha to Aisa Laga (Shelley Dhar, 2018), Feature.
Stand up Deadly (UTS/Pauline Clague, 2018), Documentary.
Marrageku ( Kim West, 2018), Short Film.
Niminjarra (Neil Turner, 2018), Short Film.
NITV Series ( Goolarri Media, 2018), Documentary.
Water (John Harvey, 2017), Short Film.
Marrimarrigun (Kim West, 2017), Short Film.
Riiji Carver ( Kim West, 2017), Documentary.
Spear (Stephen Page, 2015), Feature.
Tjawa Tjawa (Neil Turner, 2015), Short Film.
Naja (Kim West, 2015), Short Film.
One day for Peace (Rosie Dennis, 2015), Documentary.
Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain (Ravi Kumar, 2014) (UK), Feature.
On Stage (Benjamin Southwall, 2014), Short Film.
Under Skin In Blood (Larissa Berendt, 2014), Short Film.
You Turn (Ryan Griffen, 2014), Short Film.
Man Real (Tracey Rigney, 2014), Short Film.
Bre and Back (Rosie Dennis, 2014), Documentary.
Innocence Betrayed (Larissa Berendt, 2013), Documentary.
Destiny in the Dirt (Ella Bancroft, 2013), Short Film.
Blackbuster (F.S Tusa, 2012), Short Film.
The Hunter (Margaret Harvey, 2012), Short Film.
The Chuck In (Jon Bell, 2012), Short Film.
The Oysterman (Romaine Morton, 2012), Short Film.
Don’t Miss Da Bus (Victor Steffenson, 2012), Documentary.
Knock Out ( Mani Shankar, 2010) (Ind), Feature.
Teen Patti (Leena Yadav, 2010) (Ind), Feature.
Chintu Ji ( Ranjit Kapoor, 2009) (Ind), Feature.
The Rebound (Bart Freundlich, 2009) (USA), Feature.
Meridian Lines (Venod Mitra, 2009) (UK), Feature.
Surviving Mumbai (Victoria Midwinter Pitt, 2009), Documentary.
Saas Bahu Aur Sensex (Shona Urvashi, 2008) (Ind), Feature.
Laaga Chunari Mein Daag(Pradeep Sarkar, 2007) (Ind), Feature.
Eklavya (Vidhu Vinod Chopra, 2007) (Ind), Feature.
Marigold (Willard Caroll, 2007) (USA), Feature.
Streetsweeper (Neil Mansfield, 2007), Feature.
Hating Alison Ashley (Geoff Bennet, 2006), Feature.
Don (Farhan Akhtar, 2006) (Ind), Feature.
Silma’s School (Jane Jeffes, 2006), Documentary.
Being Cyrus (Homi Adajania, 2005) (Ind), Feature.
The Myth (Stanley Tong, 2005) (HK), Feature.
Sa Black Thing (Rima Tamou, 2005), Short Film.
The Illustrated Family Doctor (Kriv Stenders, 2004), Feature.
Go Big (Tony Tilse, 2004), Feature.
Temptation (Tony Tilse, 2003), Feature.
Travellers and Magicians (Khyentse Norbu, 2003) (Bhutan),Feature.
The Rage in Placid Lake (Tony McNamara, 2003), Feature.
Lost Things (Martin Murphy, 2002), Feature.
McLeod’s Daughters (2002 Ch 9), T.V Series.
King of the Market (Mark Arbcht, 2002), Documentary.
Yolngu Boy (Stephen Johnson, 2001), Feature.
WillFull (Dir Rebel Penfold-Russel, 2001), Feature.
The Brides of Khan (Safina Oberoi, 2001), Documentary.
My Mother India (Safina Oberoi, 2001), Documentary.
Escape of the Artful Dodger (2001 Ch 7), T.V Series.
Outriders (2001 Ch 9), T.V Series.
Better Than Sex (Jonathan Teplitzky,2000), Feature.
Angst (Daniel Nettheim, 2000), Feature.
Strange Planet (Emma-Cate Croghan, 2000), Feature.
Starting from Zero (F Cadavini, M King, 2000), Documentary.
Fresh Air (Neil Mansfield, 1999), Feature.
My Bed Your Bed (Erica Glynn, 1998), Short Film.
My Colour, your Kind (Danielle Maclean, 1998), Short Film.
Passing Through (Marl Olive, 1998), Short Film.
Promise (Mitch Torres, 1998), Short Film.
Colour Bars (Mahmoud Yetka, 1996), Feature.
Round-up (Rima Tamou, 1996), Short Film.
Fly Peewee Fly (Sally Riley, 1996), Short Film.
Payback (Warwick Thornton, 1996), Short Film.
Two Bob Mermaid (Dir Darlene Johnson, 1996), Short Film.
Blue Murder (Michael Jenkins, 1995 ABC), T.V Series.