Bandcamp Remixes and Mastering for artist melbient

I have just completed the remixed masters of four melbient albums for Bandcamp. The ambient and experimental albums feature some beautiful work from melbient aka Missi Mel Pesa.

The albums explore a diverse range of themes through ambient textures which are both sparse and raw as heard in off the light, through to in a room’s dense sound collages and the haunting, ambience filled soundscapes of In bocca al lupo. The remixing and mastering was technically challenging as I revisited old work sessions and PCM masters, but the results are spectacular.

Katoomba Laneways Acoustic Artwork Commission

I have been commissioned to create a large acoustic artwork in Davies Lane Katoomba. The work titled Echo Lane aims to create an intimate amphitheatre in this busy laneway which opens onto Katoomba’s main shopping street.

Echo Lane is an experimental site activation across Davies Lane based upon the Indian Trumpet Horn, a ubiquitous feature of my homeland, designed to project sound across long distances with minimal effort. The concept behind the work builds upon ancient ideas of deep listening. This new work will animate the relationship between sound, place, time, and history, by amplifying sounds from within and without the site, bringing them into the laneway acoustically.

The work is scheduled for installation by the first week of September 2021.

3D Spatial Audio mix for new Gaming Motherboard

Just completed an interested 3D Spatial Mix in the Hazelbrook Studio for Gigabyte’s new motherboard.

From Campaign Brief:

To highlight the power of the Z490’s DTS:X Ultra 3D audio function, AORUS and creative agency Five by Five Global teamed up with Timmy and Dr. Andrew Belletty of the National Institute of Experimental Arts. A leading researcher in the field of Immersive Audio and a founding member of musical group Yothu Yindi, Belletty was discovered and appointed by creative production shop KOMBI to mix the experimental track and test the motherboard’s spatial audio capability – wearing headphones listeners can expect to hear stationary and moving sounds above, below and around them.

Lily Rabbit by Melbient aka Missi Mel Pesa

Just finished mixing Lily Rabbit, an amazing work by sound artist Melbient, aka Missi Mel Pesa, which we created over 2 weeks in the Hazelbrook Studio. The work features a complex blend of vocals, electronica, and organic sounds and ambiences. This is Melbients first outing where she has experimented with her own voice recordings which has produced some super interesting results.

Missi Mel Pesa working on LILY RABBIT

tRAKa-tRAKn site visit to the Pilliga forrest, with r e a, Missi Mel Pesa, and Gail Kelly.

Andrew belletty at the site in the Pilliga, NSW

tRAKa-tRAKn takes as it’s starting point a traditional Gamilaraay survival story – Burra Bee Dee (flying mice): this cultural story teaches Gamilaraay youth about the importance of healing on country.

r e a and Missi Mel Pesa test the drone at the site in the Pilliga, NSW

This was our second research trip to the Pilliga Forrest, Central NSW with r e a and Gail Kelly to plan tRAKa-tRAKn, a new work being developed by r e a. We tested equipment and collected audio, video and still images to support the development of the project which r e a plans to make in September 2020. The Pilliga is a wonderful natural environment to work within, with an abundance of birdlife, diverse vegetation, and lots of silence! So far we have collected a range of audio data from the site with stunning Ambisonics recordings which we will later convert into multichannel ambience tracks for the work.

r e a tests Hi Res gimbal camera for capturing fast movement

5.1 mix completed for feature documentary ‘Richard Leplastrier – Framing the View’

Trailer for ‘Richard Leplastrier – Framing the View’

Now streaming on ABC Iview.

We just completed the mixes for the one hour ABC version, and the feature length version of the film at Mission Brown Studios in the Blue mountains. created the sound design for the films was a unique experience for me, as Richard’s architecture is all about bringing nature into the home. My studio is nestled amongst the trees in Hazelbrook, a peaceful location where I regularly get the opportunity to record 7.1 channel ambiences featuring our local cast of birds and trees. We have daily visits from an abundance of birds including:

  • Gang Gang Cockatoos
  • Black Cockatoos
  • White Cockatoos
  • Crimson Rosellas
  • Eastern Rosellas
  • King Parrots
  • Blue Wrens
  • Wattle Birds
  • Butcher Birds
  • Magpies
  • Currawongs
  • Crows
  • Eastern Spinebills
  • White-Cheeked Honeyeaters
  • Tawny Frogmouths
  • Southern Boobook Owl
  • Wampoo Fruit Doves
  • Brown Cuckoo Doves
  • Eastern Whipbird
  • Bell Miner


VR Workshop with Saibai Elder Jeffrey Aniba Waia, Cairns, Feb 2020

In Feb 2020 I initiated a  workshop in Cairns with Volker Kuchelmeister to develop ideas for a VR project which is in planning with Saibai Elder Jeffrey Aniba Waia. We made a series of audio and visual test recordings to explore the potential of 360 video and audio as a tool for telling a dramatised story on Saibai.  The test shooting produced extremely promising results which we will guide us through the development process.

_DSC3148 2
Jeffery Aniba Waia and Andrew Belletty

_DSC3129 2
Jeffery Aniba Waia

_DSC3154 2
Jeffery Aniba Waia

_DSC3176 2
Jeffery Aniba Waia and Andrew Belletty

_DSC3198 2
Volker Kuchelmeister, Jeffery Aniba Waia and Andrew Belletty

_DSC3181 2
Volker Kuchelmeister, Jeffery Aniba Waia and Andrew Belletty