Saybaylgaw Yangu Wakay team join Saibai Dancers at Djarragun College 6 Sept 2022

Artist Vincent Babia (Right) and Jensen Warusam (Left) join the Saibai singers.
Jeffrey Aniba Waia ( Right) paints clan designs on Parry Waia

The Saybaylgaw Yangu Wakay team joined Sedrick Waia’s Mens Dance Troupe for a Naidoc celebration performance at the Djarragun College 6 Sept 2022. The performance brought together Saibai elders and brothers, Sedrick and Jeffrey Waia who live in Saibai and Cairns respectively. Jensen Warusam and Vincent Babia lent their voices to the singers creating a powerful sound which brought the audience to their feet!

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