King Stingray remixed in Dolby Atmos for Apple Spatial Audio

Yolŋu surf rockers are carrying on the legacy of Yothu Yindi with heartfelt, hooky songs about home, community and country.

I was asked by Yothu Yindi bandmate and King Stingray manager Stu Kellaway to remix for the bands’ release on 5th August 2022. I received the stems from three different studios and set about remixing the tracks in my 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos equiped Hazelbrook studio. I then mastered the Atmos mixes for Apple Spatial Audio delivery, which enable the listener to switch between standard and spatial sound on IOS devices. I was blown away when Stu called the day after the album released with news that Apple Music Australia claiming that the Album was the best sounding Spatial release they have heard!

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