Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Netherlands.

KC-logo_jewel-ENI was invited by Raviv Ganchrow to deliver a guest lecture at the prestigious Institute of Sonology / Royal Conservatoire, at The Hague, in April 2019 . I was lucky to have a full house with a broad spectrum of students mostly from the Masters of Sonology at the Institute, but also architects, composers, artists and musicians. I was amazed by the feedback I received from presenting my work in the three-hour session

Raviv also generously gave me the chance to meet with two Masters students and offer guidance and feedback on their projects.

“An email to say THANK YOU for arranging the lecture with Dr. Andrew Belletty on Wednesday. I am, at present, unable to articulate exactly how valuable the lecture was, but also how much it inspired a few of my own ideas…”


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