River Journey

“Each artist or scientist across this exhibition has created sensitive visual and sometimes aural environments. A good example is the work of Andrew Belletty, who has created a sound installation that also employs cinema with “hardcopy” water and salt as part of his two installations. These were extremely popular with viewers during my visits, turning the cavernous gallery space downstairs into a poignant contemplative zone. It’s the trying to work out – that is how he’s done it – that snares you, and upon learning what he has done, that intrigue deepens people’s fascination and they inevitably put their hands in his river bed. Sensuality is a word that all these artists and scientists have in common. Not delicate but dangerous – marking mankind’s impact on nature.”

Rating: 5 out of 5”
SUELLEN SYMONS in Arts Hub Australia


River Journey, multisensory installation 2017
River Journey, SALT TABLE & WATER TABLE vibro-tactile installations. Galleries UNSW, 2017
The_Earth and TheElements_Georgia-Wallace-Crabbe,Vertigo_Sea_John_Akomfrah_Bonita_Ely_Tamara_Dean_Richard_Kingsford-8505
River Journey, SALT TABLE. Galleries UNSW, 2017
River Journey;


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