Making the DEEP LISTENING installation for THE BIG ANXIETY FESTIVAL 2019 from 27 September to 3 November

DSC_1865.jpgJudy Atkinson

We have just completed the voice recordings for the work with Judy Atkinson, Nardi Simpson, and REA,  in our Blue Mountains Studio, in Hazelbrook, NSW. Missi Mel Pesa made the recordings with the Soundfield Ambisonics mic setup, which will give the voices a spatial quality that will be mixed with her 8 channel sound design. I am designing speakers for the installation that will work aesthetically within the space and will provide an intimate engagement for the audience with the deep listening experience. The experimental work builds on Judy’s Deep Listening project and this is the first time her work will be exhibited with a gallery space.


DSC_1891.jpgREA, Judy Atkinson, Missi Mel Pesa and Gail Kelly (L-R)

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